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Abcam的概念萌芽于英国剑桥的一个实验室里。一九九八年, 主要创立人Jonathan Milner在Tony Kouzarides教授的实验室当博士后, 研究当时新发现的乳腺癌蛋白BRCA2。但因为找不到质量高及附有可靠、详细、最新资料的抗体,令这项研究工作受到阻延 。就在大家正感到沮丧之时, Jonathan和实验室同事提出一个构思: 成立一间了解科学研究人员需要的网上抗体销售公司。Tony更将antibody(ab) 和Cambridge(Cam) 两个英文字合拼, 将公司取名为Abcam。

他们当时的理念是Abcam销售质量高的抗体,并提供最全面、诚实、时新的说明书, 快速的送货服务,及高效率的顾客和技术支持服务。

很幸运地, 这个构思得到电信企业家David Cleevely的支持及注资。一九九八年的夏天, Jonathan离开学术研究界, 凭着再抵押自已的房子的钱, 及从家人朋友和David Cleevely得来的资金, 全职发展Abcam, Jonathan形容此决定为他最冒险的决定。 Abcam终于成立, 但当时公司仍然须要筹集更大量的资金来建立网站及增加Abcam 抗体的生产量。因此Abcam成立初年, 公司董事们不断四出向风险资本推销公司的理念及游说他们注资。

由于当时Abcam的前景很暗淡, Abcam很须要在短时间内做出销售额来, 于是Jonathan便拿着一个放满Abcam抗体的冰桶,亲身到剑桥大学的实验, 向朋友及同事推销。幸好,他们对Abcam的抗体很支持, 纷纷购买。Abcam的抗体销售传奇就由这一个微不显眼的冰桶开始!

到了千禧年, Abcam出现两个突破, 令公司业务起飞。

第一个突破是Abcam得到了剑桥本地商业天使群体支持及注资; 第二个突破是Abcam开始招募一些拥有共同理念的科学家及有才华的精英们加入, 形成现在管理层的雏型。Abcam这个成功的发展,有赖于我们坚定的信念, 深信我们的商业计划是可建立一间既能对自然科学研究有所供献,又能赚钱的公司。 有很多科学研究员曾问莫莉羊的构思是从那里来的。其实很简单,因为克隆羊多莉当时成了瞩目的新闻标题,因此我们就用分子空问填充模型作为身体,用抗体作为腿,而这个分子多莉羊就成了莫莉羊!


Atlas Antibodies

Building on our heritage with the Human Protein Atlas project, we provide highly validated reagents that enable leading research in biology, diagnostics and medicine for the purpose of understanding and improving human health.

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  • MabTech
  • Sino Biological (义翘神州)

Tonbo Biosciences

Founded in 2011 by a team of immunologists, researchers and industry leaders, Tonbo Biosciences was conceived of a simple principle: giving back to the research community by providing high performance, value oriented products of the highest quality.

What We're All About:

Guaranteed Quality and Performance 
We will provide you with reagents that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. If you are not fully satisfied with our products, contact us directly for a full refund!

Making Value Oriented Products 
Our products will be consistently priced lower than the lowest priced supplier for the same product. We can do this because we focus on manufacturing the most commonly used reagents - the ones you know and trust. We offer them to you at the lowest pricing available, giving you more resources to apply to advancing your research.

A Better Shopping Experience 
Our pricing is clearly presented, easy to compare, and comes to you as a part of our unique eCommerce solution that makes searching for and purchasing reagents simple and seamless.

Being Engaged 
We will seek to collaborate with our customers in an effort to better understand how the products we develop can best serve to advance your science.


Mabtech 公司是一家欧洲领先的集研究,开发,销售,技术支持为一体的高科技免疫生物技术公司。Mabtech公司1986年创办于瑞典斯德哥尔摩大学免疫学系,公司始终专业致力于研发新的单克隆抗体,生产创新的免疫试剂和销售高品质的全配套的免疫试剂盒。产品主要面向医学科研学术机构、高等院校、临床实验室、制药公司、生物技术公司等。Mabtech公司经过不断发展壮大,现在已经是一家在免疫学领域里享有很高知名度的公司。


  • ELISA 试剂
  • 抗体
  • 辅助试剂


Sino Biological (义翘神州)



  • Affinity
  • MP Biomedicals
  • Chondrex


Founded in 2006, Affinity Biosciences is a pioneering Life Science and High-Tech company whose biochemical products and services are mainly applied in biotechnology, medical research and pharmaceutical development.

Dedicating to advancing customer success through innovation, Affinity Biosciences has established R&D affiliates in the United Kingdom and United States with the aim of providing outstanding service around the globe.Our customers include scientists and technologists in life science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals and industry. To underline our commitment to our customers and enhance our standards of service, we have opened packaging and quality control facilities in the People’s Republic of China. Our goal is to develop high-quality antibody that focuses on Cell Signaling Transduction research, including Akt,AMPK,NF-KappaB,TGF-beta,etc,as well as inhibitors and related reagents.

Quality comes first, result always counts
Quality assurance at Affinity Biosciences is of utmost significance that Affinity Biosciences cannot afford to lose. Our quality peptide design is essential to generating specific, selective, and reproducible antibodies first thing. Affinity Biosciences uses synthetic peptide haptens or recombinant protein to produce antibodies with expertise and proficiency from the beginning, thereby allowing product quality to be under close control while enabling us to target particular protein regions and isoforms.

More than antibodies
Aside from being the major supplier of innovative tools for signaling transduction research, Affinity Biosciences also offers a vast variety of more than 500 inhibitors and SiRNA. Affinity Biosciences also plays an active role in customer service of antibodies and peptides.

Solution through innovation
Affinity Biosciences is striving to bring about constant cooperation with numerous renowned pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies and academic institutions, advancing their research efficiency and core competitiveness and ultimately serving humanity.

Reliable service: Surpassing expectations
Affinity Biosciences is willing to extend quality experience to our customers, we offer across all our product ranges, and our comprehensive datasheets provide you with all the essential information. Information about applications and species, and supporting data such as references, images and reviews are also listed neatly for you to find what you need. Affinity Biosciences provides professional scientific support 24 x 7 for all of our products to enable customers to achieve the expected results. We guarantee that all products will work as described on our datasheets, or a replacement or refund at the request of the customer will be arranged promptly.


MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals是全球少数能够全面提供生命科学、精细化学及临床诊断类产品的公司之一。目前生产和销售的产品超过5.5万种,在生命科学及体外诊断领域品牌认可度高,主要产品已通过欧盟CE、中国CFDA、美国FDA等卫生监管部门的认证。

经过50多年的发展,MP已经形成了布局全球的销售网络和渠道。MP 总部位于美国加利福尼亚州的圣安娜(Santa Ana),在中国、新加坡、澳大利亚、法国等全球14个国家设有16家子公司。2016 年,MP被中节能万润股份有限公司全资收购,成为旗下分公司。




Chondrex公司1996年于美国华盛顿州成立,是一家集研发、生产和销售高品质生命科学试剂的生物公司。其中享誉全球的产品如高纯度软骨胶原蛋白和抗胶原蛋白单克隆抗体,是风湿性关节炎(Rheumatoid Arthritis,RA)致病机制研究以及开发、筛选潜在性治疗方法必不可少的工具。



  • 完全弗氏佐剂
  • 不完全弗氏佐剂
  • 载体蛋白


  • 免疫级别:Type I, II, III, IV, IX, & XI(牛、鸡、人、鼠、猪、大鼠)
  • 细胞培养级别
  • ELISA级别
  • T细胞增殖级别
  • II型胶原蛋白的CB肽


  • 过敏
  • 阿尔波特综合征评估
  • 癌症免疫检查点抗体
  • 格伦综合征(Ro60抗体)
  • 关节炎
  • 结肠炎(DSS)
  • 肾炎
  • 败血症


  • 胶原抗体及ELISA (Type I, II, IV, V, & IX)
  • DNA 抗体及 ELISAs
  • 屋尘螨抗体及 ELISA
  • HMGB1抗体
  • OVA 抗体及ELISAs


  • 白蛋白 (小鼠和大鼠)
  • 胶原蛋白 (Total, Type I, Type II, & CTX-I)
  • NTX-I
  • CRP (犬) & SAA (猫)
  • DNA
  • 糖胺聚糖
  • 屋尘螨 (Der p10)
  • 血红蛋白
  • HMGB1
  • 羟脯氨酸
  • MTT细胞增殖
  • 免疫球蛋白
  • 总蛋白
  • 尿蛋白(大鼠)


  • ChonBlock™ for ELISA, IHC, & Western Blot
  • 抗菌毒素抗体ELISA
  • 大肠杆菌和LPS抗体及ELISA


  • ProImmune
  • Fluidigm
  • Immunostar


英国ProImmune公司是免疫学功能检测多聚体产品和服务全球无可争议的领导者,产品包括重组MHC Class I 五聚体和CD1D四聚体,用于特异性的T 细胞免疫功能检测。广泛用于肿瘤,传染性疾病,自身免疫学疾病和移植等热门领域的基础,新药和临床研究。






ImmunoStar was founded in 2001 by a team of scientists passionate about providing the highest quality antibodies at a fair price to neuroscience researchers all over the world. 

The company is the original equipment manufacturer of a variety of polyclonal and monoclonal primary antibodies.  The antibodies offered by ImmunoStar also include the histochemical product line formerly owned by DiaSorin and sold under the name IncStar. Diasorin is a leading medical diagnostic company focused on the development and manufacturing of clinical in-vitro diagnostic products.

ImmunoStar is dedicated to quality-control testing performed in-house. This ensures that only reliable antibodies and peptide controls with lot-to-lot consistency are offered. 

ImmunoStar’s immunohistochemical products are used in the detection of a wide variety of biological markers, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s abnormalities, epilepsy and brain seizures, schizophrenia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. In addition, the products are used in research with opiate receptors that have the potential to improve treatments for conditions ranging from alcoholism to rheumatoid arthritis.  ImmunoStar’s customers include researchers from major universities, hospitals, corporations and other institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. Our immunohistochemical products are sold directly as well as through an international network of distributors.

ImmunoStar’s reputation continues to grow each year because researchers know and trust that ImmunoStar’s antibodies work!



  • Reddot
  • Abmart


Reddot Biotech Inc., located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, was founded in 2015 by an executive team with over 35 years combined experience in the medical device industry. We focus on providing customers in the global marketplace with timely customer service, reliable supply and products with superior performance. We thrive on competition, innovation and fast resource allocation for customer needs.

Reddot Biotech Inc. currently focuses on the sale of reagents and related products for pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and scientific research use. We are committed to research and development to bring customers top quality products providing accurate, reliable and fast results critical to any research. With extensive experience working with companies and research institutes across continents, we offer tremendous value in the products and services we provide. We do our best to bridge the gap between the industry and academics, and welcome opportunities in collaboration to further scientific research.


艾比玛特医药科技(上海)有限公司(Abmart Shanghai Co.,Ltd.)创立于2007年,是一家专业从事抗体定制和抗体相关服务的公司。公司由一群志在改变传统抗体模式的科学家和企业家创建。